13 Must Have Grooming Tips for Men

Once upon a time, men were judged quite harshly (and perhaps a bit unfairly) when they spent more than a few minutes in the bathroom getting ready every day. Not only did other men poke fun at them for seemingly excessive time spent grooming, but the ones with wives and girlfriends would often get told, “Hurry it up in there!”

Of course, times have changed, and it is more socially acceptable for men to spend more than five minutes getting ready in the bathroom. In a world full of different types of razors, combs, gels, and moisturizers, it is easy for men to become overwhelmed when considering what to buy and try.

Creating a daily regiment that is simple, quick, and focuses on maintenance will help you keep yourself well-groomed without having to worry about how much time you are spending in the bathroom.

If you don’t want to end up in a hairy situation, the following grooming tips might be of some use.

1 – Why a Great Mens Barber needs to be your Best Friend

Other people tend to notice that we need haircuts before we are aware of it. Going to a trustworthy mens barber on a regular basis (about once every four weeks) is a great way to be proactive about keeping up your appearance.

2 – Find Products that Work for You

There is a seemingly endless supply of odd-colored creams in odd-colored bottles that are supposed to be the “best” grooming products for men. The best way to begin looking is by searching for products made specifically for your hair type. If you have fine, thin hair, lightweight styling products like sprays tend to work well. However, if you have thicker hair, you might want to try using pomade. Also, when in doubt, ask your barber for recommendations.

3 – Make your Scent Match your Style

People around you notice how you smell, even if you do not. That’s why it is important to find a scent that fits your personal style and doesn’t make people around you gag due to its pungent aroma. Find a few scents that really speak to you and cater to the time of the year. Woodsy or spice-scented scents are great for winter while more citrus-y scents work well for summer.

4 – Spin right round with an Electric Toothbrush

Fun fact: Motorized, rotating toothbrushes eliminate 11% more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Brushing after each main meal with a motorized toothbrush and using mouth rinse will decrease the likelihood of gum disease and tooth decay. Not a fan of fluoride? There are plenty of all-natural, fluoride-free products on the market.

5 – Become a Manscaping Master

Are you worried about having a bit too much hair down there? (Or anywhere that’s not on your head, for that matter?) Manscaping is a perfectly acceptable form of grooming. Find an electric razor that you can use specifically to trim your pubic area.

6 – Yes, you do want a Scrub

Use a facial scrub every morning. Scrubs with micro-beads are designed to chip away at the dead skin that lingers on your face, on your nose in particular. You will get cleaner pores, smoother skin, and a more natural (and still manly) glow from a good scrub.

7 – Trim those Bearded Tresses

Beards and different styles of facial hair are very much “in.” (Have they ever actually been out of style?) However, unless you’re trying to become the next Grizzly Adams, you should invest in a good beard trimmer kit that includes scissors. These tools can give shape and definition to your facial fur without making your beard, goatee, or mustache appear overly-groomed.

8 – Become a Pro at Shaving

If you wish to do a morning wet shave, you can save yourself time by first preparing your skin with a smoothing shave oil while soaking your blades in warm water. This helps to reduce skin irritation and enhance smoothness. Of course, if you’re unsure about handling this chore yourself, your barber can always help.

9 – Start each Day on the Right Foot

We take our feet for granted. They get us where we need to go and are often our least cared-for body parts. They tend to get dried out and dirty. While showering, make sure you wash the tops and soles of your feet and in between your toes. When you’re done, use a pumice stone to remove dead skin. Then apply moisturizer.

10 – Say “Bye-Bye” to Under-eye Bags

Since men generally don’t use concealer to hide dark circles around the eyes (if you do, no judgement here), eye creams can help hide those pesky bags. A good eye cream will tighten and moisturize skin around the eyes. If you are frequently outdoors, an eye cream with SPF 30+ can be beneficial.

11 – Break out the Tweezers

Thick eyebrows can look fantastic on men. (Think George Clooney.) However, they should not be meeting in the middle. If you are approaching unibrow status, try gently plucking the stray hairs from the ends, tops, and bottoms of your brows. If you are worried about plucking, ask your barber to show you a few tips. Believe me, they’ve dealt with weirder requests.

12 – Nail Down your Nail Care Routine

Get into the habit of trimming your nails once per week after taking a shower or bath. Warm water softens nails, making them easier to trim. Short, rounded, smooth nails look and feel healthy.

13 – Don’t be Nosy

Unruly nose hair is often overlooked and, to onlookers, fairly distracting. Keep those nose hairs under control with regular plucking. Be wary of cheap electric nose hair trimmers as they can be painful. Instead, try a small, battery-powered nose hair trimmer. They’re less painful and more thorough.