5 Reasons to Switch Barbers

The desire to look your best makes people feel better, gives them confidence, and reflects aspects of their personality they wish others to notice. However, many men settle for a barber of convenience rather than skill. The best barbers should possess talent, knowledge, and offer clients a full experience. A visit to the barber should be nothing short of a pleasure, if not a completely decedent experience.

Attention to Detail

Poor quality barbers can be compared to an assembly line in a factory. Customer after customer drops into the barber chair to receive a uniform haircut. Good barbers take their time with each successive customer, minding the smallest details, and leaving the customer happy. That same attention to detail should be reflected in the upkeep of the barber’s equipment. Quality barbers keep razors clean, towels fresh, and their work environment orderly for the health and safety of clients and employees.

Straight Razor

A straight razor shave of the neck and face might sound old-fashioned, but it is one luxury worth searching out. It should be noted that women’s hair salons are forbidden to use straight razors according to the law.

Hot Towel Treatment

A hallmark of a quality barbershop is the offering of a hot towel service. The ultimate pampering treatment, a hot towel wrapped over the face is indulgent, relaxing, and an experience not soon forgotten. Some barbers will even offer a choice of aromatherapy to accompany the treatment. It is common for a scalp massage to be part of a hot towel treatment, adding icing to the cake.

Customer Loyalty Program

Everyone loves free stuff, especially loyal customers who feel they have earned a treat for their patronage. Most barbers will give customer loyalty cards to clients that can be used at each visit, eventually accumulating points, or a certain number of haircuts before qualifying for a free service.


The quality of the barber and the type of clientele a barbershop serves is reflected in the ambiance of a barbershop. The environment in which a barber operates can attract a certain breed of customer. Higher end barbershops will undoubtedly draw in higher end clientele, while less ambiance concerned barbers will cater to a different type of customer. High-end barbers are also more likely to have the amenities of hot towel treatments and straight razor shaves.

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