5 Steps to the Perfect Beard

For the first time since the early 20th century, beards have come back into fashion. Not only have they come back into style, but beards are one of the most fashionable choices a man can make these days. A man who proudly sports a beard shows his maturity and substance. If you want to jump aboard the beard bandwagon and don’t know where to start, here are five steps you can follow to grow the perfect beard.

1. Get Your Stubble On

Before you get a real beard, you will have to go through the awkward stubble phase. The best way to push through this phase is to start growing your beard on a Thursday. This will allow your beard to be well on its way by the time you come to work on Monday morning.

2. Get Your Beard Outlined

For men who are new to beards, it is sometimes difficult to know exactly how to shave it so that it looks right. You can’t just let it grow wild. On the Sunday following the Thursday that you start growing your beard, you should go in to see a barber who specializes in straight razor beard design. He can work with you to create the perfect outline for your beard. Once he has cut the outline, you will be able to simply shave this outline on your own to keep your beard within its boundaries.

3. Keep the Outline Maintained

It will be easy for your beard to escape the outline the barber shaved if you do not stay on top of it. To prevent this, you should shave the areas outside the outline every day or two the first few weeks you are growing your beard. Once your beard has started to grow out, you will be able to shave less frequently as the outline becomes more apparent.

This will also be the period where your stubble is most likely to drive you (and your partner) a little crazy. Like spending time attached to a hard bristled brush, you’re stubble will curl and turn in on you which will be itchy as hell. A good set of exfoliation gloves along with a quality moisturiser or beard oil will help to smooth this transition from stubble to glorious mean beard.

4. Keep It Moisturized

One thing that many men who are new to beards don’t realize is that they can be hard on the skin. Beard dandruff is an all too common occurrence. You need to protect the skin under your beard from flaking by using a moisturizer daily. “Bearded Chaps” beard oil is a nice product that will protect your skin from “beardruff,” the term for the dandruff and flaking skin that occurs as your beard dries the skin out.

5. Maintenance Work

Once you beard has filled out and you have the beardruff under control, it is all about maintaining you beard. You will need to trim it either with scissors or clippers every few weeks or every month. You will need to remember to keep shaving the areas outside your beard at least every four or five days, too. You will also want to start using some beard balm and moustache wax to style you beard and prevent frizzing.


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