Barbers as the New Men’s Hairdresser

Certainly, the role of the barber has changed dramatically over the last few decades. The barber shop was at one time a place that catered exclusively to men. Few women would venture into that male dominated territory. Men would request a simple shave and basic Mens Haircuts. Barber’s would have laughed at the notion that they were considered a Mens Hairdresser. They were true traditional barbers. However, things started to change. Less men were going to the barber shop. Men were starting to grow their hair longer and wearing beards. Barbers soon realized that they had to keep up with the changing culture and embrace the new norm in hair styling and catering to a wider clientele.

Men’s Hairdresser Role

Things have changed over the years. Younger men are less likely to go to a barbershop, if they do not provide the type of services that they have grown to expect. Barbershops realized that they have to embrace those changes, in order to stay competitive with hair salons that welcome men and women. The Barber is now expected to cut hair, shave, style, and offer complete grooming services to their clientele. Often, the reputation of the barber shop depends on the skills and popularity of the top stylist or Mens haircuts artist.

Staying Competitive

Barber shops are competing with hair salons that are catering to the new generation of men that would prefer a number of specialized services that are offered at a woman’s salon. This has led to barbers trying to compete with those services. Many barber shops offer manicures, pedicures, a massage treatment, hair coloring, hair treatments, and facials for their clients. Today’s modern man looks for a barbershop that is more than the traditional barbershop. Gone are the days when a barber shop was for a quick shave and haircut. Many shops are also offering their services to the entire family. Men, women, and children are welcome at their shops. They realize that catering to the whole family is the only way to stay competitive with the new hair salons that are attracting their clients.

The role of the barber and the barber shop will continue to grow as society changes. Today’s modern barbershop has limitless possibilities. To find out what it’s all about, come and visit Gents Barber¬†located inside at the Woolworths Meadowbrook complex, just off¬†Loganlea Rd!

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