Because Real Men, Deserve Real Barbers

Going to the barbershop was a time when a man could be a man. The buzz of the clippers and the anticipation of a hot towel on your face was enough to make a visit to the local coiffeur a weekly event. Today, barbershops are making a comeback, and not just in hipster neighborhoods. The pull of being able to have a professional who knows the curves and contours of your face pamper you is strong. It is so much more than a haircut when you see your barber, you have access to an atmosphere that is all your own. Most men feel like outsiders when they enter a unisex salon, since they are still predominantly frequented by females, and the barbershops of today can not only give you the experience you desire but also access to top of the line products and treatments.

Barber Shop Culture of Today

The 1880’s to the 1940’s could be referred to as the golden age of barbershops. Men of this era would choose to sit and talk with their friends and neighbors, while getting a shave and haircut, instead of heading to the pub for some sipping whiskey. This was during a time when men socialized in all male establishments, and the barber shop was the most popular.

The barber chairs were ornately made from walnut and polished to a high shine. The countertops, constructed from marble, held beautiful glass containers that glistened in the light. The smell of pomades, hair oils, and neck powder are genuinely male, and you would never make the mistake of thinking that this is your mother’s beauty salon.

Today’s barbershop gives you the old time feel with modern amenities. From the straight razor to the hot towel, the experience is the best. Barbers, now well trained, are artists who take their craft seriously. Their tools are razors and clippers, your hair and beard is the canvas. You will never want to step foot into a unisex salon every again. Every man needs to experience what gave his father and grandfather so much comfort. The neighborhood gentleman’s shop is coming back into fashion, and for good reason. When you set foot into an establishment that focuses men’s grooming, you know that you will receive quality services. Your appearance is your first impression on the world, and when you have a proper cut and shave, your presence commands respect. Luxury experiences should not have to come at a high price, and the barbershops of today understand that your time and money is valuable. Providing a great service in a relaxing environment is paramour.

OurĀ Gents Barber stylists want to give each patron something to remember, and with years of experience and true understanding of what men truly want, is why every man needs to experience true barber shop culture at least once in their life.

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