The Groom Boom – Why Mens Barbers are the New Hipster Hangout

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Beard. Muttonchops. Five o’clock shadow. Goatee. Fuzz.

Have you noticed that men are having a new love affair with the hair on their faces? It’s true. Facial hair is coming back in style and men are taking their grooming needs seriously. Whether you are a hipster with a stylish goatee or entering the World Beard and Mustache Championship, you will need a barbershop that you can trust with your facial hair.

While women have spas and nail salons to pamper themselves, what do men have? The time has come to give ourselves time to relax, freshen up our style, all in an atmosphere that is classically cool. Gents is a mens barber shop in Queensland that mixes classic barbershop techniques with a stylish shop that is relevant and hip. Sure, you could go to a discount hair shop and get your usual cut, or you can treat yourself to a haircut and a shave with hot towels and foamy rich lather.

How did mens barber shops become so popular once again? It comes from the hipster love of nostalgia. What is old is cool again, but with a modern twist. Back in the day, men took great pride in their appearance. They wore three-piece suits, got their shoes shined, and had pocket squares to match every outfit. While some men today also wear those things, the modern man incorporates style and class in a new way. Tailored jeans, fitted button-down shirts, maybe even some suspenders and a skinny tie – no matter what your style, having impeccably groomed facial hair will always be the showstopper of any outfit.

If you are like most guys these days, you might remember your father or grandfather going to a mens barber each week. These shops featured a candy cane pole out front, a group of old men inside in their undershirts, maybe a fan blowing the hot air out through the front door. These men came to discuss their days and maybe even to escape their wives for a little while. While you don’t need to be a sweaty old guy to enjoy our mens barber shop, you will be welcome as well.

So what should you expect when you first visit a modern mens barbershop? In order to fully appreciate what you will experience at a modern mens barber shop like Gents, you need to set aside some time in your busy schedule. The purpose of our shop is not to get you in and out the door as quickly as possible. In order to pay attention to your hair, we need to take the time to use our time-tested methods of cleaning, grooming and polishing. Using exclusive products like American Crew hair products and Bearded Chap facial products, we don’t just cut your hair, but nourish and style it as well. The key to looking your best is having healthy, strong hair, no matter whether it is on the top of your head or tickling your cheeks.

Do you know who loves modern barbershops? Believe it or not, the ladies, and not just the hipster ones. Girlfriends and wives who love facial hair don’t love cleaning it up in the sink and shower each week. While you may be feeling lazy and want to just let your hair grow for a while, your women are wondering when you will clean up the scraggle that you now call your beard. Some women go nuts, and not in a good way, when they see neck hair that seems to extend all the way down from your scalp to your lower back. It’s not a good look!

There is no time like right now to invest in your style by visiting a modern mens barbershop near you. Find one that offers quality products and services, and you will feel like a million bucks (and look like it too!)